Full Service Baths

Small Dogs (under 20 lbs.)…..……Starting at $25.00
Medium Dogs (20 – 39 lbs.)……….Starting at $28.00
Large Dogs (40 – 69 lbs.)…………..Starting at $30.00
Extra Large Dogs (70 – 99 lbs.)…..Starting at $32.00
Gigantic Dogs (100 lbs. and up)….Starting at $35.00

Full serve baths include a nail trim and ear cleaning. There is a $5.00 additional fee for long-haired breeds and dogs with thick undercoats as determined by Lucky’s. There is an additional fee for dematting. Severely matted dogs must have an appointment with the groomer.

Dog wash services based on 1st come, 1st served.

Additional Charges

Due to Lucky’s unique free roam atmosphere we ask that you pick up your pooch within four hours of drop-off after a bath or grooming. If you need to leave your dog at Lucky’s for more than four hours, no problem, they can enjoy our daycare at the rate of $3.00 per hour. There is absolutely no drop-off or pick-up outside of business hours. Late fees of $1.00 per minute will be applied. At the sole discretion of Lucky’s, if you or your designee is late past closing, Lucky’s may, board your dog(s) at your expense.  Our time is just as valuable as yours.

All quotes provided over the phone are estimates only. A Health and Temperament Agreement must be signed before any service will be rendered.